Why is the sequence of alphabets in a keyboard not A,B,C,D....... inplace of Q,W,E,R,T,Y...............?

Answer It was designed that way on typewriters to avoid the jamming of the type arms

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Why alphabets are not arranged in a serial manner on a computer keyboard?

asked and answered a million time before on YA!goes bak to manual keyboards which were laid out in an ergonomic manner which would mean it was less likely to jam the keys.that keyboard carried over... Read More »

Where does the name qwerty keyboard come from?

It makes no sense. It is awkward, inefficient and confusing. We've been saying that for 124 years. But there it remains. Those keys made their first appearance on a rickety, clumsy device marketed ... Read More »

Why do we still use the QWERTY keyboard?

Why change something that works and cause unneccessary confusion to all that are used to it. You can get alternative keyboards, but most folk learned to type with Qwerty and stick to it. http://en.... Read More »

Why is the keyboard 'QWERTY' and not 'ABCDEF'?

It is based on the most commonly used letters of the alphebet. //#