Why is this like this?

Answer The site has got a display problem.It's gone into Text mode as opposed to a normal HTML one.This site has done it on odd occasions!

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If Reataurants offer, offers like this, would website like this attract customers?

I think thats a really good idea. When our family go out, we can never decide where we want to eat, because of course there are so many resturants within twenty minutes of us which we have never he... Read More »

I like this boy at my school but he likes this girl who is flat and stupid how can i make him like me?

with your attitude and the way you act. i'd take that girl over you any day, even if shes flat. so fix yourself hun.

Who is this woman i would like to use this image for the hairdresser but wonder if there are better ones?

Brigitte Bardot - a french actress, model and singer who was most famous in the 1950's and 1960's.

What is this graphics card like and will it work fine with this motherboard?

Card matching to motherboard is minor. The card is PCIe x 16 and is rev 3.0, and the board is PCIe x 16 and also happens to be 3.0 if you have an i5 or i7 3rd generation To assure it fits in the co... Read More »