Why is using "CAPITALS" rude?

Answer Well you think that's petty in the fetish scene caps show who is dominant

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Would you tell the boss if a collegue was talking to you rude in a abrupt and rude manner?

i would speak confidentially to your HR department and state what is happening but unsure as you are new who to speak to. They will offer guidance but in the meantime document what she is upto idea... Read More »

Is it rude for a teacher to be rude to you after apologizing?

As a teacher, yes that is rude, he should be authoritative and forgiving

Easy Ways to Remember State Capitals?

While you might not have a problem remembering that Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, recalling the capital of Montana --- Helena --- may prove a bit more difficult. To remember the 50 states... Read More »

Taxi drivers that work in irish capitals?

Speaking as a retired London cabbie, we weren't obliged to wear seat belts for that self same reason. It would seem by your comments this doesn't apply in Ireland. I would say the chances of anythi... Read More »