Why isn't my laptop letting my Xbox 360 connect online through it?

Answer I always imagined you as a Playstation kind of guy.

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How do i connect xbox up to laptop to watch films from laptop?

First off your laptop has to have Windows Media Center installed to do this.Have your laptop on, sign on to your xbox and sign into xbox live.Look for an indicator to show up on your taskbar of you... Read More »

Am having trouble trying to connect my Xbox 360 through my laptop?

I am assuming that you are using wireless.For best performance to xbox360, you should use RJ45/cat5.Wireless are known to have issues and blips. This is specially true if you are trying to stream f... Read More »

BT hub problem, cant connect to the internet on my laptop i but can on the xbox?

Its the laptop, try using a ethernet cable to see if it your wireless adaptor on your laptop.

Why isnt myspace letting me change my mood and status?

myspace is on it's period. forreal haha theres so many problems with it lately.anyways, that happens to me too. but don't refresh. just click in the box and wait like a minute or two and it'll come... Read More »