Why isnt the sound on my comp working?

Answer DO NOT DELETE THE SYSTEM 32 FOLDER AS STATED ABOVE!If you are using a built-in audio card (i.e, one that you have not installed separately) then it is most likely attached to your motherboard. See ... Read More »

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My facebook sound isnt working?

are you talking about the app or the website..? if its the app, delete it and re install it. if its the website, theres something up with your computer.

It isnt working! Help!?

Hello there.You can't set your cover photo on the Facebook iPhone app. I suggest doing it on your PC.

Why isnt my computer working?

I had that happen to mine and it was fault with the motherboard. Sorry if that makes things worse! Try taking the battery out (it should flick out underneath) and reinserting it, see if that doe... Read More »

Why isnt facebook working?

It's down for everyone. The are fixing servers