Why keyboard and mouse do not start in safe mode in Windows 7?

Answer Unplug all other USB devices.Plug the mouse and keyboard into 2 USB ports that are NOT next to each other and try again.You may need to wait up to 3 minutes after the PC starts for the OS to find t... Read More »

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My system's mouse and keyboard don work in safe mode. Can someone tell me why?

Any keyboard or mouse, whether it's a PS/ 2 or a USB should both work in Safe Mode.As they don't, this will need a proper investigation by a workshop as to why!This could be down an incorrect Regis... Read More »

Windows will only start up in safe mode.?

If the restore to yesterday works then try that again and then if it boots OK try uninstalling AVG while it's working and then restart again.If it works OK just reinstall AVG (or go for MSE instead... Read More »

Start Windows in Safe Mode?

Hve you tried repeadly hitting one of the F keys on Start up? usually F5 8 or 11. It is unusual for a virus to achieve that. Sure it's not corruption ?Try booting from a system CD/DVD. Yes I hit F... Read More »

My computer monitor says no signal from mouse or keyboard and goes to power save mode?

Hi Carsyn Bieber,I previously also had similar issues with several "Visual Display Unit(s)" ,Monitor(s)" i used to own, however the flaw or error was mostly diagnosed or identified to the "VDU" (Di... Read More »