Why not here on Yahoo Answers?

Answer I Think This is a glitch and all we can do is wait for Yahoo! Answers to fix it. Also some users' user names have been changed to their previous ones. Yahoo! is currently updating Yahoo! Pulse whic... Read More »

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Is there anyone here who loves Yahoo Answers but hates Facebook?

Yahoo answers is a great place to ask and learn but to me face book just seems like a waste of time.

Is Wiki answers less cliquey and corrupt than Yahoo Answers?

Wiki Answers has no real community as such, so there is none of the stuff you mention... However, I would still say Y!A is much better for answers, a large number of questions on Wiki Answers don't... Read More »

How do u make a complaint 2 yahoo answers bout answers to ur question that u find offensive/not happy with?

You can "report abuse" by clicking the red flag icon underneath their answer.

Why such bad public transport answers here?

"....suggesting use of the specified in necessary..." Huh?Since you are so smart, how come you only have 30% Best Answers?Perhaps people WANT to travel "via the nearest station". The best answer in... Read More »