Why other people cant see my pictures on facebook?

Answer No it does not take a while for others to see your albums without befriending you. It's just somewhere in the account settings. You could change the privacy setting to 'recommended' for a day, n ch... Read More »

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Saving other people's Facebook pictures?

Not a chance. Even if you could code your HTML to block it, The snipping tool in windows accessories can copy it anyway. I.E., if it shows on their screen, they can copy it no matter what you do. I... Read More »

What do you think of people who put up pictures like this on their facebook/myspace/bebo ?

What does it matter what we think? We're just words on a screen. People can post whatever they feel comfortable with on those sites, assuming it doesn't breach any rules or regulations. It's just t... Read More »

How do I stop people who aren't my friends seeing any of my facebook pictures/wall posts etc?

Easy solution is to hind your profil, rather than changing the privacy statement of each individual post. So that public can't find your profile unless they've the unique URL to your profile, to do... Read More »

The "download" button under people's Facebook pictures... do they get a notification if you download the pic?

They don't get notified, it just allows you to download the photo due to the security they have on their photos.If you're really worried about it, take a screen shot of the picture, cut it out in ... Read More »