Why people like social networks so much?

Answer Because Its Is Full Of fun For teenagers....................

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What social networks should I be on?

It depends on Yourchoice, like if you want to discover or chat up with friend then facebook is the best option. If you want the updates of movie starts, latest trending topics then go for twitter. ... Read More »

The Bad Effects of Social Networks?

Social networking is changing the way the world lives. It is changing the way businesses grow and how information is gathered. Social bonds are forming between people thousands of miles apart who o... Read More »

Is deleting all my social networks okay?

Of course it's okay. While a high percentage of people you meet I'm sure use Facebook, Twitter, etc. not all of them do. The thing is - at your age, most of your 'Friends' on Facebook and etc, what... Read More »

Influence of social networks?

Actually I think it may have intensified the social divide.Because social networking sites are used for one person to speak to another, the classes of working and upper have now found a way to sepa... Read More »