Why replies from different routers in same ping command?

Answer Each ICMP echo request is taking a different path to the destination.

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What does the ping command do?

The ping command will send a tiny request to an IP address and look for an answer. It's basically a way of seeing if the IP is alive or valid. Sort of like radar - how it bounces a sound off an o... Read More »

How Does a Command Prompt Ping Work?

The PING command has been around for decades. Originally, it stood for "Packet Internet Groper," and has been used consistently since it first was introduced in 1983 to check on the status of Inter... Read More »

When you ping to somewhere, why doesn't it make a ping sound?

Have you seen those tools that do make the submarine ping sound for wireless networks ?They also draw a radar on the screen and put a dot on it so you know how far away it is and in what direction.... Read More »

Is there a way to test the average ping in my area and not just the ping i have?

Your broadband and pings depend on how far you live from the telephone exchange you can check this at…If you live further than 1km you should get around 8... Read More »