Why won't AOL dial up work with Vista?

Answer You need to contact AOL So they can send you the new vista compatible cd. If your using dialup modem just make the connection using the phone number, account name and password without the AOL Progr... Read More »

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Vista question - I have read that Norton will Not work with vista, what should we use instead?

Routers That Work With Dial-Up?

A home network is increasingly becoming a necessity and choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) and computer hardware is important. Depending on the complexity of your network needs and ... Read More »

Will the BT home hub work with vista?

yes, and im a bt customer service engineer, but make sure you have loads of memory with vista it never stops doing stuff, took me hours to get mine not being busy doing nothing.

Will i tunes work with vista?

iTunes will only work if you're lucky on Vista [AS OF NOW]. SOME iTunes users has been having trouble working properly with Vista but others are doing fine.If you want to use iTunes, I suggest wai... Read More »