Why wont facebook let me view pictures?

Answer Remove all the history from your browser.

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How to view private profile pictures on facebook?

You can't view unless you add her if those photos are meant for friends only and not for public.But you can create an another fake facebook account, then add her & then you can view her photos bein... Read More »

How to view private pictures on facebook not on friends list?

It's sketchy, but I think you are justified since he hasn't seen his own daughter for 10 years. That's really sad...I think the other comments here are insensitive. This daughter might eventually... Read More »

Can you view peoples pictures on tumbler the way you can on myspace You know how you can view 20 pictures at?

Can you view someone private profile pictures on facebook if you send them a friend request?

ONLY if they accept you as a friend.Until they do, then the answer is NO.Even then, they can still restrict what you see!