Why won't hp dv6 wifi internet work properly?

Answer Because the virgin media superhub has appalling wifi. Poor signal, wifi drops, router lockups are the rule rather than the exception.I know I have one, eventually I used it in modem only mode, disa... Read More »

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Wont connect to a wifi and BBM wont work, on my blackberry! Help?

Check to make sure that you have WiFi or Data turned on with the other off. Both can not be running at the same time.

Who wont hotmail work properly?

The greyish spots sound like genital herpes. I think you should take your hotmail to the doctor and get it checked.

Subwoofer wont work properly?

It sounds like something is wrong with the wiring on the subwoofer or the RCA's connected from the deck to the amp. Now if the songs are messing up in the same spot every time, or its ONLY CD's me... Read More »

Trojan, internet wont connect in safe mode, USB stick wont work?

Since you can boot into safe mode - use system restore to go back to before you removed the trojan then remove it using other methods.If you've got a serious problem try booting from Kaspersky Resc... Read More »