Why won't my Xbox connect to my router after I restart it?

Answer Sounds like your Router has limited your Xbox's mac address. You want to change the settings on your router to allow traffic from your Xbox's Mac address.

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Connect to XBOX 360's Elites to one router?

Íf you're playing from the ŠäME house, It might be the ethernet cable that's the problem. if not, it's a problem for both of you to contact your internet provider. either Fios, Comcast, or DCL.

Belkin wireless router wont connect!?

Actually, I think your question is backwards. By your description, (using the repair network) you are issuing a command from your computer to repair the network. So, its not necessarily the route... Read More »

Why can't I connect to primary wireless router after connecting to secondary?

First reason is that both routers are on same subnet. Routers cannot route traffic if they don't know where to send it. For example, second router sends request to, and they send repl... Read More »

My computer wont restart?

try doing a disk scan , this should find problem or maybe fix it.