Why won't my minecraft LAN server work?

Answer It all depends on your signal strength and if you have both bought the game. I was having the same problem so I just moved into the same room the person was. This seemed to work for me.

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My server in minecraft wont connect?

Hmm.This may help you:…One way my friend and I did it is we set up a VPN on Hamachi that I could connect to while he hosted it. You may want to consider t... Read More »

Why does my minecraft server not work?

Right click the taskbar, Hit Task manager..Terminate any CMD.exe or JAVA.exe or JAVAW.exe processes.Then try again.Advice from your minecraft server and make sure you have no inst... Read More »

My minecraft server won't work?

â–º Create A Proper Minecraft Server â—„ (Without CRAPPY Hamachi)â–º Port Forwarding:You Have to get the Make off the router & Model number then Google them..Example: Netgear Wgr5643 minecraft port... Read More »

Why cant' I walk on minecraft I use the "W" key but it wont work!?

Press 'Escape' or anything that'll take you back to the menu, then check your controls and make sure they're all set to something.