Why won't the Govt or ISPs order p2p file-sharing sites lean up their act or be banned?

Answer My God...the question deserves an essay - rather than a simple answer.Let us start with the government. Do you mean to tell me that you don't believe if the government was ABLE to ban the internet,... Read More »

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Are file sharing sites illegal ?

Yes if the files you are copying are copyrighted and you do not have the right to copy them.

Why don't ISPs warn their subscribers about eyesight?

driving a car is bad for ur butt to .. get an lcd if u dont have one .. theyre alot easier on the eyes than an old tuber ..

Photo sharing sites?

Flickr ... you do need to open a Yahoo account for it (no problem). One-off pics for re-posting, I use Imageshack. Picasaweb is probably more flexi... Read More »

How much interest does the UK govt pay the IMF for their £1 trillion national debt each year?

The vast majority of the National Debt is held by individuals and companies as Treasury Stock not from the IMF.Almost all state borrowing is through the financial markets - often referred to as Gil... Read More »