Why would it be better to do a ping test?

Answer Ping time is the latency or delay in the signal. It is the round trip time in milliseconds that it takes the signal to travel from your computer to the destination server and back. (lower is better... Read More »

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Is there a way to test the average ping in my area and not just the ping i have?

Your broadband and pings depend on how far you live from the telephone exchange you can check this at…If you live further than 1km you should get around 8... Read More »

ping test?

Wade your way through thishttp://compnetworking...ooting/f/pingtest.htm A ping sends a fairly small packet of data to a remote server and waits for the reply.... as such the speed of the connection... Read More »

How to Get Better Ping in FSSB?

"FreeStyle - Street Basketball" is an online game for the PC that allows you to "break ankles" and play street basketball for free. The game's focus is on its competitive multiplayer mode that allo... Read More »

How would i "ping" my router and what would this tell me?

Ping sends a package from your computer to another computer which when it receives the package sends it back normally it does it 4 times..Assuming you are running Windows from your desktop go Start... Read More »