Why would someone have an ¨anonymous¨ facebook profile?

Answer It's likely a compound answer, however it may all stem from insecurity and a lack of trust in his social skills. He may not stalk people, but an anonymous profile would allow him to gather informat... Read More »

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If anonymous wanted to take down facebook what would they have to do?

If i posted one how to take downdown Facebook, how soon do you think it would be before it happened.JoeThe Old Computer Guy

What is the best way to create an anonymous Twitter or Facebook profile?

You can't. You can call yourself what you like and say what you like but as soon as yourflagged for something "controversial" it will all be recorded anyway if any actionwere to be taken afterwards... Read More »

Can someone look and see how many times you have been on their facebook profile?

nope. facebook has no such feature and never will. they have stated many times and any fb app claiming to "find your stalker" etc is just a virus. dont click them.

What would happen if I made a fan page on facebook even if I have a personal profile?

you can do that i did it but you sign in as you would usually do as yourself not your fanpage then the bit you click that has privacy settings log out etc there will be a bit saying use facebook as... Read More »