Wi fi how do i know if some one is using my wi fi ,and watching my screen?

Answer Lol no one is watching your screen.The MOST that a VERY good cracker can do is monitor your packets and gather up host and send recieve. Then they will be able to gather your information. Now, the ... Read More »

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How to make my screen black while watching tv?

Am i the only one that goes into screen settings and select the second screen option and turn off the laptop screen?! lol

Black screen when watching videos?

Look below your question and above our answer(s). See that add details button? Click it. Thanks. Please tell us what troubleshooting steps you have taken to correct this issue. Have you verified th... Read More »

How can I get my tv to show full screen when I am watching football from my PCM?

I've had similar problems with my beemer. I can only explain this for windows computers.When connected to the external screen/tv/beamer/... press windows-icon-button + P, a small window will pop-up... Read More »