Question wont open on my laptop lately.Why?

Answer I just tried the site and it popped right open for me. I am using Firefox 5.0 You might try another web browser. Also clear all your cache, cookies, temp files, browser history and temporary intern... Read More »

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My laptop cd drive wont open and isn't showing my my computer, any answers why?

It could be dead, and in need of replacement. Have it checked by a technician.

Peugeot 207 door, no resistance, swings wide open then wont stay open?

the door stay has broken, live with it or get it repaired at any garage other than a main dealer they will charge a fortune in labour charges

Everytime I open the google play store on samsung galaxy s3 its closes and wont open?

The same thing happened to my s3..i took it to the samsung service center n they backed up all my files n reset it to its factory settings... now playstore works fine

Cd/dvd drawer wont open?