Wifi help........?

Answer yes it will work as long as you find a wifi hotspot then you wont have to log on to your own isp its what i call hotdogging

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WIFI HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Yes they will connect... But if your running other devices at 5ghz frequency they will interfere... you may still have connection as well.

Help.. USB wifi adapter?

Use your phone as a router by goin into thethering and portable wifi and then search ur tv for connections

WiFi help please/?

You need to buy a wireless router. If this is a DSL phone line service you need aDSL router to replace your modem. If it is Cable you need a cable router to connect to your modem.

Wifi help with Ubuntu 12.04?

Look and see if you have the installation disks for the Wifi card. If not, try running some updates in Ubuntu. Again, if that doesn't work. Temporarily use a dongle and look for the drivers online.