Wifi help with Ubuntu 12.04?

Answer Look and see if you have the installation disks for the Wifi card. If not, try running some updates in Ubuntu. Again, if that doesn't work. Temporarily use a dongle and look for the drivers online.

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Any help with wifi connection please?

Sounds like a possible issue with your ISP (internet service provider) as you cannot connect wireless OR wired? Perhaps a call to the tech support line of your ISP is in order, generally they shoul... Read More »

Please can someone help me with WiFi? You have a few options here, best thing you could probably do is run down to your local Best Buy or Frys and pick yourself up a USB wi-fi adapter, less than $30, attach that to desktop... Read More »

Can somebody help me with a wifi connection problem?

its either not getting a strong enoug signal or the key is wrong .. talk to the guy ..

Got a laptop with a wifi connection for Xmas. How do I connect to neighbours' wifi system or other hotspot?

First, you need to install the wireless card driver if it's not already installed. Next, click on the wireless computers down in the taskbar, and click on "Refresh Wireless Networks" or something l... Read More »