Wifi router question - how to get it to work?

Answer The first thing I'd need to know - you've bought a wireless router - but presumably still have the other box from BT? I need to know if that's a Broadband modem, or if it's a (normal) router.ok, by... Read More »

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How can I connect a wireless ADSL router to a wired WAN router and secure the WIFI?

NEVER use more than one router on a connection. It causes conflicts, slows the network and can even stop it totally. Apart from that you can NOT connect a DSL port to a network. It must connect to ... Read More »

Connecting two PCs simultaneously to upstairs wifi router and wired to each other with a switch or router.?

Best bet would be to setup file sharing on each individual machine, and leave the internet connections as-is via the router. Since the file sharing will be via the Ethernet cabling, it should give ... Read More »

How to Set Up a WiFi Router?

A Wi-Fi router, also called a wireless router, is a networking device that acts as a gateway that joins your computer and your high-speed modem. A Wi-Fi router also acts as a wireless access point,... Read More »

WiFi Router Tutorial?

Routers are basic networking devices that allow computers to connect and communicate with the Internet. A Wi-Fi router does the same thing, but has an additional radio antenna that lets you broadca... Read More »