Wifi won't reach the bedroom?

Answer Try getting a repeater. They send out a second source of wifi connection but it is still all under the same router.

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Wont connect to a wifi and BBM wont work, on my blackberry! Help?

Check to make sure that you have WiFi or Data turned on with the other off. Both can not be running at the same time.

My WIFI doesnt reach my Xbox , what can i do?

1) Move the two closer together2) Buy a wifi extender to boost the signal3) Use a set of homeplugs to give a wired connection via the mains cabling

How do i fix my PC which wont launch or even reach BIOS?


Blackberry's are funny... They only support a small list of normal encryption types. Unless you're doing 802.11x, the only encryption type it supports for a normal resi WiFi device is TKIP which wo... Read More »