Will 100 mb of data be enough?

Answer Absolutely fine, facebook uses no internet at all and so 100mb won't even be touched. I would also go as far as saying you could watch entire movies constantly day after day on your data plan witho... Read More »

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How long will the magnetic data last on a VCR tape before it becomes no longer useable as read data — KR, Urbana, IL?

As long as the tape is kept cool and dry, its magnetization should remain stable for years. However, there is the problem of magnetic imprinting from one layer of tape to the adjacent layers on a s... Read More »

If i install win 7 will the data will remain?

Windows XP cannot be upgraded to Windows 7.When you attempt to install Windows 7 the installer will detect that Windows XP is there and move the entire installation to a backup folder called 'Windo... Read More »

You said that if I push on a friend they will push back (even if they are asleep). But if I push hard enough, they will fall to the ground, whereas I will not. Therefore, I don't see how the reaction is equal. Can you please explain this - JK?

Newton's third law only observes that the forces two objects exert on one another are equal in amount but opposite in direction. The law doesn't make any statement about the consequences of those f... Read More »

I think that the speed of light could be broken by turning a very long lever. If the lever is long enough and you have enough power to turn it, the end of the lever will travel faster than the speed of light. Is this so — NL, Hong Kong?

I'm afraid that this technique won't work—the torque you would have to exert on the lever to make its end approach the speed of light would become infinite and the energy you would have to transf... Read More »