Will Birds Eat My Grass Seed?

Answer Birds will eat many different types of seeds including grass seed that you sow on the soil. You need to take some precautions when sowing grass seeds so that birds don't eat the seeds. There are ma... Read More »

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How to Put Clear Plastic Over Grass Seed to Protect It From Birds?

Birds rely on a diet of large numbers of seeds, which might include the grass seed you have sowed to grow your lawn. One way to protect your grass seed from hungry birds is to cover it with plastic... Read More »

Crab Grass Preventer That Won't Delay Grass Seed Germination?

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Which Grass Seed Is to Grow Dark Green Grass?

Choosing the right grass seed for a dark green lawn can be affected by a variety of factors. Climate influences whether grass seed produces the desired result. Another factor that affects the outco... Read More »

How to Sow Grass Seed in an Existing Lawn With Centipede Grass?

You can sow centipede grass seed in an existing lawn by evenly over-seeding the lawn area and creating future environmental conditions favourable to the growth of centipede grass. Centipede grass i... Read More »