Will Crysis 3 be able to host private or public servers?

Answer Yes, you will be able to host servers with crysis 3 and change kill settings and setup lan connections to servers or hosts.

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Will I Be Able To Max Crysis 2?

8 gb and 16GB would give the same result. It is beyond system requirements.Maxed out theoretically means 1080p as the most common display at 60Hz or 60 frames per second on ultra.http://www.noteboo... Read More »

Will this PC be able to play Crysis 3?

it will play on ultra easy but not at that frame rate 40fps is probably the max frame rate you will for how do consoles play it the creators lower the texture settings render distance and th... Read More »

Will my current processor be able to run Crysis Warhead?

W7 will help as it is less of a hogger and quicker.2.1 AMD is OK but it will depend on what graphics card you are using. The GPU will also call upon a certain amount of the RAM and will have it's ... Read More »

Will I be able to run crysis maxed out with these specs?

About maxed out with 25 FPS Source:…But 45 FPS with High Settings... Ie. A setting lower than very high or max Source: Read More »