Will I get better broadband with a closer exchange?

Answer Your IP address is just a guide to your location. It's not GPS.I can guarantee that your broadband is coming from your local exchange. It is the only optionYour speed looks quite reasonable. 17Mb i... Read More »

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Is Cable Broadband better than ADSL line broadband?

DSL is cheaper but slower. Cable is faster but more expensive. Your opinion.

Is there any will for a move to prevent stock exchange gambling with the World's food supplies?

I don't understand, do you want socialized farms? The stock market is not a person so it does not gamble. Any person can buy stock and yes it has risk. In a free market we choose what to invest in,... Read More »

Will windows vista run with orange broadband?

yes it will it;s not the broadband u need to check it is the computer compatible with vista (unless it has come pre installed)

Is BT Broadband better than Sky Broadband?

Yes, definitely yes. I have sky and it is awful--anything is better.