Will Lancaster California land price go up after high speed rail?

Answer well throughout history, this has happened, but remember usually the rails also helped with shipping. isnt the new track just supposed to be for high speed rail? people mover?

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What exactly are the Japan California High Speed Rail Consortium bidding for?

They want to build California's high speed rail system that was approved of by voters from 1A.

How long will it take to build new American high speed Rail system?

Okay, FIRST, there is NO "National Rail System" in existence or planning...The funding provided by Congress: $8 billion wouldn't even build 175 miles of track !!ALL that was done was President Obam... Read More »

High Speed 2 Rail (HS2)?

1. It takes strain off of the existing lines, so trains aren't so cramped because there is more choice of what services to take.2. The lines I've seen being built are in the Mayfair/Tottenham Court... Read More »

What is High-Speed Rail?

High-speed rail refers to trains that travel on special tracks at over 200 km/h (125 mph). The International Union of railways describes a high-speed train as one that travels faster than 250 km/h... Read More »