Will Skype work on dial up internet?

Answer not at all

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How to Dial on Skype?

As a Skype user, you can dial landline and mobile phone lines using the application. Skype is an application that utilises your computer's Internet connection to make Skype-to-Skype calls and Skype... Read More »

How to Dial an Extension With Skype?

Skype offers many online services, including the ability to dial numbers with extensions. If you are new to Skype or unfamiliar with how it works, you may need assistance when dialing an extension.... Read More »

How to Dial an International Number With Skype?

Skype can connect you to many countries around the world. With SkypeOut, a service offered by Skype, you can dial international numbers and talk to your friends who live abroad. However, if you are... Read More »

Dial up internet.whats it like?

None of u young'uns remember when 1200baud modems replaced the 300's, but that was a big deal back in the 80's. Back then all the content was text-only, and some .gif's to download (before .jpg's)... Read More »