Will XP run wireless internent?

Answer yes it does support Wi fi, but you either need to turn your built in wi fi adapter or you have buy one.. USB wi fi adapter are cheap... and work very well and also you need to make sure your route... Read More »

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My wireless adapter will not recognize the wireless connection.?

your wirless adapter in your laptop may not support the sucrity you have put on it. that is the most likley thing.

can you install data on to my mp3 player via the internent?

You can download songs to your MP3 player from the Internet. Each MP3 player has different downloading instructions and more detailed help can be found by visiting

How to Tell If My Wireless NIC Will Support Wireless-N?

If you are having problems with slow wireless speeds, or intermittent connections, it may be worth utilising the Wireless-N (802.11n) standard. The 802.11n provides higher bandwidth than other wire... Read More »

My wireless card will not connect to my main XP computer using BT hub but will on other connections?

It won't be the Bt you say all other bits Communicate fine. So, its something wrong with the XP bit. I suggest you get one of those Stand alone "USB Wi-Fi" gadgets from e-bay (£5) and t... Read More »