Will adding just a air filter to my corsa, will i have to tell my insurance company?

Answer Yes, if you carry out any modifications you must tell them. If the car is in an accident or recovered from stolen the assessor will check exhaust, filter and for a chip.

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Astra diesel fuel filter change. Do i need to bleed or empty the resevior b4 adding new filter?

Don't worry about the fuel left in the canister - there's usually a hand primer or bleed screw on top of the pump on the rotor type pump vehicles, the later cdti ones are pressurised & should bleed... Read More »

Vauxhall corsa 1.5 td fuel filter?

Under the bonnet, I seem to remember passenger side, in between the headlamp and the battery.

I put new fuel filter on diesal corsa van now dont start?

It could be an airlock stopping fuel flow, or an air leak at the filter housing (eg. a seal not quite in place), if the filter is on the suction side of the pump.The service info should have a sequ... Read More »

Can someone let me no the how you change fuel filter on diesal corsa van.ithink its simple i changed it now?

If there is a rubber priming bulb under the bonnet squeeze it hard several times to prime the fuel pump. if there is no priming bulb the engine self primes so you will have to hang on to the starte... Read More »