Will adding just a air filter to my corsa, will i have to tell my insurance company?

Answer Yes, if you carry out any modifications you must tell them. If the car is in an accident or recovered from stolen the assessor will check exhaust, filter and for a chip.

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If i lie to an insurance company and tell them i have 4 years no claims instead of the 2 i have will they know?

Not only is it very easy for them to do a computer check and find you out, in the event of you having an accident your policy would be absolutely worthless.Think on this, you crash your car into an... Read More »

Just off the R plates, will my insurance be affect if i rang the insurance company?

if you didn't crash while on R plates and made a claim, then no...also some insurance companies change the policies depending on age and if you have ever claimed or not, if you have had your driver... Read More »

Insurance company repaired my kitchen due to flood and they just caused another one - what will happen?

the insurance company will most likely log this as a new claim as it is a separate incident but if the tradesman is proven to have been negligent then the costs of the claim would be recovered from... Read More »

If i have points on my licence and insurance company dont know, and have a crash will they pay out?

Depends entirely on the insurance company and what the points are for.You should declare any convictions as soon as received or there is the possibility you insurance would be invalid...