Will all houses be run by computers in the next 100 years?

Answer probably will,but i wont be around to see it.

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What will computers be like in 20 years time?

Smaller, faster, gesture or voice control, possibly cylindrical with a scroll out screen, or wireless to head up display in your specs, or a mini projetor.Doubt if theyll be built into you that soo... Read More »

What will computers be able to do in a 100 years time compared to now?

The basic principles that all computers operate on were pretty much set down a hundred years or more ago. Most of the progress that's gone on since then has been about engineering ever smaller com... Read More »

What will the job market be for doctors over the next 10 years?

There will be a demand for doctors. Probably more so than there is now.People are living longer than ever before. They project that in 10 years the population of people over 100 years old could a... Read More »

On a 1080p screen, will 1gb of Video RAM be enough for the next few years?

1GB vs 2GB benchmarks;…No difference in current games, other than Skyrim. Future games... might start to be more important (but not worth the extra cost at... Read More »