Will i lose my data if i install windows 7 without formatting the drive?

Answer You should not, but if the system can not see enough of the original Windows 7 install to repair it, it is likely there is far more damage, including already having lost files. It is unlikely any o... Read More »

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Can I format and install windows 8 on my C drive, without any data being affected in D drive?

you'll be a precaution, you might want to use the mirror software that came with your ssd to make an exact duplicate of the C drive into a hidden partition on the physical hdd [which'll be ... Read More »

I want to do a clean install of Windows 7 will I lose my games on other hard drive?

No if it is a slave drive an you don't partition the f drive it will still be there however it will lose shortcuts on desktop and start menu to have quick access so you will need to copy thouse aft... Read More »

How to Install Windows XP From a USB Drive Without Windows XP ISO DVD?

Many times computer users find it necessary to reinstall their operating systems. While this is a relatively simple task when using the installation discs, these may not always be accessible. One m... Read More »

How to install windows 7 on new built pc without dvd drive?

If you have access to another computer w/a working DVD drive, you can transfer a bootable image to a USB stick & install from that.A simple copy won't work, though. You need to use software like W... Read More »