Will limewire harm my new computer if so, is there any safe similar sites?

Answer limewire causes no harm until u use them only for music...but for other things risk is too much...and even when u download song look at its must some MBs...sometimes virus files are renam... Read More »

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My google won't let me onto any sites, it says this site may harm your computer, with EVERY site. help?

its happening to everyone just look at all the questions asking the same thing in the google section of Y!Ajust copy paste the address into the adress bar and go to the site you want to go on. :)

How come your allowed to download music vidoes off Youtube but sites like limewire/torrent sites are illegal?

you're not explicitly allowed to download off youtube, but if it's been put into the public domain officially, such as a movie trailer, or a new music video, you'll find the publishers might use yo... Read More »

If after you have uninstalled Limewire and other similar programs, are all traces of them gone?

You cant completely remove it. If you don't want it on your computer you can uninstall it, and get rid of all the music or movies you have downloaded on your computer, make a backup of them to save... Read More »

Sites similar to youtube?