Will my computer use the integrated or the externally connected graphics card?

Answer normally the cpu will use the one that is slotted into the pci e slot by other ones..should be the external one not the onboard one but you can change that in the bios

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Ive plugged my Xbox into my graphics card. my graphics card is connected to my monitor. How do i get a picture?

Do you know for certain that the HDMI on your graphics card is an input, as opposed to an output? Most graphics cards are output only, unless they are multi function cards with video capture abilit... Read More »

At what point in the series do nvidia geforce graphics card get better than my integrated graphics?

The GeForce 8800GS was the first card released by NVidia that would probably outperform your integrated one.Since you listed mostly ones in the 600 series, of the 600 series the GT640 would be the ... Read More »

Graphics card - is it integrated?

That's VERY old, but it might work for those games.Is your computer a laptop or a desktop? It would only be integrated on a laptop. If it's a desktop you'll get better performance by simply instal... Read More »

Integrated Graphics Vs. Graphics Card?

If you're in the market for a new computer, you may notice that two broad types of video cards exist. Some computer specification documents list integrated graphics as an installed option, while ot... Read More »