Will my facebook be blocked?

Answer The answer is no.

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Is it possible to delete someone on your blocked lists on facebook and still keep them blocked?

There is no option to delete the name from our blocked lists. If we block a person, we cannot see his/her profile on Facebook. it means that we automatically remove his/her name from our memories. ... Read More »

Facebook blocked how can i get on?

if it has been blocked by a family parental blocking program you could always try a proxy server, this tells the blocker that you are on the proxy site and forwards you through to the site you want... Read More »

Has she blocked me on facebook?

1. she may have blocked you = are you aware that maybe you offended her in anyway?2. ur account 'may' be suspended check your inbox & see if fb has sent you a msg of any sorts? If you have sent a l... Read More »

How do i get on facebook if my college has blocked it!!!?

you cant lol you know they have security on most computers