Will my internet speed be increased with a second router?

Answer Assuming you are using a wireless connection back to your router, the first thing I would try is changing the wireless channel. Interference from another wireless network on the same channel can ma... Read More »

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Why does resetting my modem and router speed up my internet?

Turning it off and on means it's assigned a new port at the central router, a new ip address. That's like starting again from fresh, but you go back to normal quote quickly. Either your ISP is poor... Read More »

Wich router do i need when my internet speed connected with a cable is 1gbps?

There is only one site in the country (UK) that has access to Gigabyte speeds at the moment, and it has not yet decided how to it can use of it;…For the re... Read More »

Any difference on the speed of internet connection if using a lan cable connect to a router or a wireless?

Typically not, however with newer technology standards this will be different. If you're using an old CAT5 cable and 10/100 ethernet cards, the wireless standard N can deliver higher rates, by a f... Read More »

Should the UK speed limit be increased from 70 mph to 80 mph?

Yes. More than 50% of motorway drivers go at over 70mph anyway. The limit was set in 1956 when cars were far less capable of handling high speeds, and 70mph was the fastest some cars could achieve.