Will office 2003 work on Vista?

Answer Office 2003 will work on Vista. I already have it installed.But if I read your question right, you mentioned you already have office 2007 installed and you want to install office 2003 on top of tha... Read More »

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Vista question - I have read that Norton will Not work with vista, what should we use instead?

I work in a solicitor's office. One of the girls I work with is off sick and will be for a further two weeks?

Carry on with your life and do what you have planned!I hate to sound selfish, but as a PA to a Director in Investment, in my experience, anything you go out of your way to do, to help others, is ra... Read More »

Do you think Vista will work on my 486 DX2 66 Mhz ?

NopesVista requires 512 MB of RAM to install alone apart from other hardware requirements. I don't think any of the 486 DX2 machines would be able to support the RAM requirements.So sadly you'll ha... Read More »

Will i tunes work with vista?

iTunes will only work if you're lucky on Vista [AS OF NOW]. SOME iTunes users has been having trouble working properly with Vista but others are doing fine.If you want to use iTunes, I suggest wai... Read More »