Will the internet ever run out of space?

Answer Intel has warned that the world is generating more data than it has the storage capacity to hold.Speaking at the company's European Research conference here in Brussels, Intel fellow Jim Held claim... Read More »

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Will the internet ever get this bad?

There can be a possibilty of that BUT to only some extent.You can always use VPN for getting away from all the bans and your personal security,And I don't think that yahoo will charge for answers a... Read More »

My pc is running video slowly, is it bandwidth just got 1gb of memory but thats not done the trick, i dont have a lot of space left on my hard drive 1% so freeing up some space will that work?

If you really have only 1% left, I'm surprised the machine works at all. Windows creates lots of temporary files while it is working so often needs a fair amount of disk space. I would try to have ... Read More »

If time passes more slowly for someone who is moving quickly and enormous speeds are needed to explore distant space, is there any way to counteract this time/speed phenomenon so that those on earth will not die waiting for the "space travelers/explo?

Unfortunately, no. Those of us who remained on earth would watch the explorers head off at enormous speeds toward the stars and would be old and gray before they returned. Even if the explorers cou... Read More »

Can the Internet run out of space?

No. 'The Internet' is just a vast group of interconnected computers. Add a hard drive to a server or add a new server, and you've 'increased the space of the Internet'. That is, if you meant data s... Read More »