Will the police do anything about my facebook being hacked?

Answer It's possible that they will attempt to track the hacker down, especially if they can connect them to other hacking events. But this type of an investigation can and usually does take months to inv... Read More »

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Someone hacked my facebook. Do i call the police?

This is very serious, you should definitely call the police.After calling the police, they would go to her house and kick open the front door, throw in tear gas, beat the occupants until they faint... Read More »

My dad has hacked into my facebook account need help! He found out everything about me!?

Put a simple keylogger on his computer if you have access to it . Check it and print out the logs of his activity. You can google keyloggers and many of them offer free trials

Are Facebook users too stupid to see all those questions about Facebook being offline?

i agree, they should search the question before posting, id like to abuse them, but ive already lost an account previously

My child is being bullyied and the head teaher is not doing anything about it what should i do?

bully the head teacher to show him/her how it feels.