Will the police do anything about my facebook being hacked?

Answer It's possible that they will attempt to track the hacker down, especially if they can connect them to other hacking events. But this type of an investigation can and usually does take months to inv... Read More »

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Someone hacked my facebook. Do i call the police?

This is very serious, you should definitely call the police.After calling the police, they would go to her house and kick open the front door, throw in tear gas, beat the occupants until they faint... Read More »

My computer got hacked by a fake police virus?

If you have nothing important on your computer, reformat. If you do, I would suggest looking at some command-line virus scanners.One I would like to suggest would be AVG Command Line Scanner.You bo... Read More »

Has My Facebook Been Hacked?

Here are some reasons that you received that message:-Facebook is under maintenance.-Your account is disabled/deleted for reasons/no reasons.-None of above? It could be the glitch. Some people ca... Read More »

HELP! (Hacked on Facebook!)?

There aren't any reliable hacking sites, and if you know who took your account then you can have them arrested as it breaks the data protection act, and you have to think what if it was your bank a... Read More »