Will the wolf world ever surpass facebook or will it always be second rate?

Answer I visited wolfworld and it looks second rate. Did they spend any money at all on it?

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Will the world ever recover from the global financial crisis?

For a comprehensive answer watch money as debt on youtube. Its is impossible to pay the loans back.100% impossible. Notes arec vouchers made by bank . Only coins are real money. So banks make money... Read More »

Im working 16 hours but want to take a second job,will it be worth it or will it get taken off in in tax?

to be sure i would go on the tax credits website and do the 'what i will get' thingy so you have a rough idea of the difference, you don't need to put in all your personal info or sign up, you just... Read More »

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What are the answers to "The Hardest Quiz Ever: You will not get a 100" on facebook?

1. Everyone2. 493. Probably4. Who doesnt?5. Why? Shud they be?