Will there ever be touch keyboards?

Answer i hope not, i prefer to feel the buttons going down when i touch them. i think technology is evolving faster than we realize. gone are the days when children use to play outside... every ones got a... Read More »

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Will there ever be a website emerge that will be the same as the old youtube?

I completely agree with you. I was actually thinking about starting a site like that and calling it "NewTube"But yeah it will probably happen within a few years

Will the stricken ship msc napoli stay there for ever or will they break it up by hand?

It is very unlikely that this vessel will be left to break up naturally political forces will make shure that she will be salvaged. it is highly unlikely to be repaired as i suspect water damage to... Read More »

Is there a touch sensor that can sense when you touch the body of a car - AW?

The same touch sensors that are used in "touch" lamps or some elevator buttons could be used to sense when you touch a car. A car is essentially insulated from the ground by its rubber wheels, so t... Read More »

Will there ever be a case for opening up the British Inland waterways for the large scale...?

If my understanding is correct, the canals went into decline because they couldn't compete with the railways, and the major advantage of the railways was speed. The trouble in this respect generall... Read More »