Will there ever be touch keyboards?

Answer i hope not, i prefer to feel the buttons going down when i touch them. i think technology is evolving faster than we realize. gone are the days when children use to play outside... every ones got a... Read More »

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What making my keyboards stop working, im going thru keyboards here like u cant blv,?

Right, I went and looked at the original question you asked.You probably have a broken keyboard controller on your computer's motherboard.The easiest fix is to buy a USB keyboard.These plug into on... Read More »

Is there a touch sensor that can sense when you touch the body of a car - AW?

The same touch sensors that are used in "touch" lamps or some elevator buttons could be used to sense when you touch a car. A car is essentially insulated from the ground by its rubber wheels, so t... Read More »

Changing Pc keyboards?

I haven't changed my keyboard on any off my computers since i got them...I try to keep it clean, by just using common sense really... i mean, it's not very smart to use it with greasy hands, or to ... Read More »

What are Gaming Keyboards?

The world of computer games is constantly growing, birthing increasingly involved and complex games every day. This being the case, the avid gamer is posed with a problem. A more complex game deman... Read More »