Will this computer run minecraft on far render distance?

Answer It should run it okay, maybe 30fps, otherwise use normal render distance. Remember to put performance setting on Max FPS.If there is an option to get Windows 8 with that machine, I would suggest it... Read More »

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I'm doing a science experiment of what factors affect the distance a golf ball travels. One of my factors is the bounciness of the ball. Does this have any effect on the distance the ball will go — EG, North Salem, NY?

Yes. The bouncier the golf ball, the farther it will go after being struck by a golf club. While we normally think of a bounce as occurring when a ball hits a stationary object, it's also a bounce ... Read More »

Can this computer run Minecraft and Tekkit?

Yes, it can. My computer can run minecraft and tekkit, and it's a lower class laptop than the one you're showing here. It can probably play whatever game you put in as long as you set the graphics ... Read More »

Will this laptop play minecraft with no lag?

you can play it on any computer, you just need to change the settings in game to stop it lagging

Will this motherboard work with this computer?

The motherboard you want to purchase has a form factor of ATX and your case only supports MICRO ATX if i'm correct. Try to look for a motherboard with a form factor of MICRO ATX and everything shou... Read More »