Will this computer run minecraft on far render distance?

Answer It should run it okay, maybe 30fps, otherwise use normal render distance. Remember to put performance setting on Max FPS.If there is an option to get Windows 8 with that machine, I would suggest it... Read More »

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Which computer do i buy for tf2 and minecraft?

Well brother, the one computer you have to stay clear of is usually DELL computers, because they are the laggyest of all!The computers that may intrest you might be the ALIEN WARE PC's. There are a... Read More »

Would minecraft work on my computer?

Yes definitely, but it would run quite slowThese are the minimum system requirements for MinecraftMinimum Requirements:CPU : Intel P4/NetBurst Architecture or its AMD Equivalent (AMD K7)RAM : 2GBGP... Read More »

Can this computer run Minecraft and Tekkit?

Yes, it can. My computer can run minecraft and tekkit, and it's a lower class laptop than the one you're showing here. It can probably play whatever game you put in as long as you set the graphics ... Read More »

Computer Science Distance Learning Degree?

There are a number of degrees you can earn from distance learning in computer science. They depend on where you wish to start and where you want to go with your computer science degree. There are o... Read More »