Will this computer run skyrim?

Answer yes but the graphics will be s***

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Skyrim will my computer run it?

From your system specs, I'm guessing this is a laptop?It will run, but framerates will be so bad, even at low resolution, it will be unplayable. I would guess ~5fps. The E-300 is a low power, low... Read More »

Will this computer play Skyrim?

yes it would..... but at 1366 x 768 or maybe lowerbut fx 6100 + gtx 660 might give you some incredible frame rates......even at higher resolutions

Can someone find me a computer that will run skyrim?

Build one yourself. A PC that you build yourself for £400 will be atleast 4-5 times better than anything you buy from a store no joke. I built mine for around £520 i then compared it to a £1000 ... Read More »

How well would this computer run a game like Skyrim?

Good enough.An Intel Core i5-3570K PC would be much better.