Will this item arrive after buying online?

Answer Hi,I wouldn't have thought so as they go by post code first and the post office is pretty good at sorting out that sort of error.Arnak

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When will my ebay item arrive?

There is no guarantee it will come tomorrow or Monday. Did you look at the estimated date of delivery? Usually they give you the estimate in the summary when you have bought the time. The "fast shi... Read More »

Just placed an order online, when will it arrive?

Did you order Uggs?Don't expect them any time soon.Many of these china companies are counterfeitting sites and are often shut down.

Can I drive my car after buying tax on line while waiting for the disc to arrive?

No. It clearly states when you purchase your tax online that you CANNOT drive the car on the road without a tax disc being shown. You must DISPLAY the disc in your car when you are driving it. F... Read More »

I bought an item from ebay and it didn't arrive. The person has deleted thier ebay account so what can i do?

depends how you card, your card company will reimburse you.paypal.......ebay will fight for you, but they will ask you to try and resolve it with the buyer yourself, before they ste... Read More »