Will this new networking site catch on with todays kids, it's called?

Answer an absolute gem of a questioni doubt it, i hated being inside when i was a kid, now you have to bribe them out

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Has anyone on this site ever had any dealings with an Insurance firm called RIAS?

There is nothing unusual for an insurance company to not pay for such a claim. Insurance is only for the sudden and unexpected. Wet soil is neither.

Do you think Facebook will be the top networking site forever now?

I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, so something would have to have a pretty huge gimmick for me to be bothered to change and persuade all my friends to change. Or Facebook would have to... Read More »

Do I have to register with a social networking site for Polyvore?

surely you can create a polyvore account by just an email. Click on the sign up button, and fill up the required information. But don't ever click on the button that written with facebook or twitter.

Will this networking setup work?

You really just need a Switch at the second router to add more Ethernet connections, you don't need a third router! Even two routers in one system generally cause issues. Just enable wifi on the be... Read More »