Will this run Ubuntu fine?

Answer Ubuntu 11.04 is horrendously unstable and should be avoided (this also applies to Linux Mint 11)I thoroughly recommend Linux Mint 9 LTS which is built upon Ubuntu 10.04 LTS its easy to install and ... Read More »

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What is this graphics card like and will it work fine with this motherboard?

Card matching to motherboard is minor. The card is PCIe x 16 and is rev 3.0, and the board is PCIe x 16 and also happens to be 3.0 if you have an i5 or i7 3rd generation To assure it fits in the co... Read More »

This may seem a little stupid but how do you know if you will recieve a speeding fine?

I don't know why you would get a ticket if you were driving the speed limit. That doesn't make sense!

I have made my CV in Libre on Linux Ubuntu, will the interviewer be able to open this on a Windows system?

The other answer is wrong. Windows Ofice will open a CV made in LibreOffice.But sending a CV in Word format is a bad idea. Send a PDF instead, then it can't get accidentally corrupted.

I have a criminal record from 2005 for which I paid a fine. Will this affect my chances of getting a visa to U.S.A?

what kind of visa are you after? what was your crime? As the fine was so small it must have been something trivial and the sentence is most likely spent by now ! the USA do not recognise "spent"