Will upgading RAM help my computer?

Answer Yes upgrading your ram will most likely improve the performance of your computer IF you have less than 1GB already. If you have more and you do graphic intensive editing then more memory would be b... Read More »

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My computer will not play any sound - help!?

maybe you have to reconfigure you latop sound. Go to control panel and sound options and play with things around there and then get it t o work. But if that doesnt work use system restore.

My computer will not start up it just says sleep mode can any one help?

Unplug the power cord from the back of the PC, leave it unplugged for 30 seconds. Plug it back in and turn on the PC, then turn off power save and hibernate.Good luck HTH!

ARGH ok I will ask my question again. I WANT to update my computer can some 1 help me?

hi leanne theres never been a better time to upgrade your p.c as the rpice of p.c components has dropped dramatically over the last few months so we will start with the graphic card... Read More »

My Dell Computer has a Flashing Amber light on power button and will not turn on. What can i do- help!!?

If you heard a click before it shut down, then your Mobo might be shot now. From my understanding of Dells, the orange light means that there is something wrong with the Mobo. I would take your c... Read More »