Will whatsapp work for me?

Answer Yes you wil be able. I live in Italy and I send messages in England and in other country and it works.

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Will whatsapp still use data if i have wifi?

No if your on wifi its free even if you leave mobile data on. It sort of like puts it to sleep and only time it kicks in while wifi is on is if you send mms

Whatsapp will my pictures upload from there to my computer?

Don't worry. Your pictures are not going to get transferred to your computer until you manually copy or move them from the whatsapp folder in your phone to your PC after connecting both of them via... Read More »

How do you log out of WhatsApp?

I am a foreigner that will work in UK,¿ should I buy a health insurance or my employer will do it for me?

If you are employed by an employer then you should be paying tax and national insurance, your employer will work this out for you but you will need to apply for a National insurance number.